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Keeping rabbits as pets

Rabbits have become increasingly popular pets among city dwellers. They are well adapted at living

Why is my cat going to the litter tray more often?

Frequent, repeated visits of your cat to the litter tray could be a sign that

Keeping your pet warm in winter

Pets feel the cold, just the same as we do. It’s especially a problem for

Identifying arthritis in cats

There’s a perception that cats don’t get arthritis but that’s very far from the truth.

Canine cough

Canine cough, or kennel cough, is a syndrome characterised by harsh hacking coughs in dogs.

Papilloma in puppies

The wart-like lesions that appear around their mouth and face region of dogs is due

Causes and treatments of osteoarthritis in pets

Osteoarthritis is a huge problem in dogs and cats and often goes unrecognised.

End-of-life care for pets

Saying goodbye to a beloved family pet is heartbreaking. However, there are methods for end-of-life