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Pet rescue and the importance of adoption

Pet rescue is more important than ever—especially now with the boom in COVID puppies. There

Keeping your pet warm in winter

Pets feel the cold, just the same as we do. It’s especially a problem for

Maintaining pet dental health

Pet dental health has become more of a topic of interest and discussion in recent

The importance of puppy preschool

Puppy preschool is a vital part of a dog’s training. It lays the foundations for

Exercising your dog safely

Walking your dog seems like the most benign thing in the world. It’s important exercise

Canine cough

Canine cough, or kennel cough, is a syndrome characterised by harsh hacking coughs in dogs.

Papilloma in puppies

The wart-like lesions that appear around their mouth and face region of dogs is due

‘Iso’ tips for pets after lockdown

Many families are discovering that just as they’re coming out of isolation and lockdown due

Dealing with canine cognitive dysfunction

As dogs age, they are sometimes affected by canine cognitive dysfunction. Fortunately, there are multiple

The importance of pet insurance

We always have a discussion about pet insurance with our clients. It usually happens at